Olivia Escort

Nothing communicates deeper than a long, slow kiss. I am a temptress with overwhelming appeal who exudes a seductive yet calming presence and speaks intelligent thoughts. No matter how deep your desires, I will draw them forth with rhapsody while beguiling you with my chiseled figure. I want to caress this and that of you as we talk about nothing and everything while getting lost in each other.

Unlike any girlfriend you have experienced, I am an incredibly attentive companion who is romantic at heart, full of vitality and a flaming-hot urge to please. Natural beauty speaks for itself and that is exactly what I am about. My legs are long and muscular with a lean, flat navel, breasts from heaven and a firmly rounded derriere. My hair is long, thick and luxurious and my skin the color of warm cinnamon with a velvety softness that will drive you mad with ecstasy. I take care of my body and it shows!

You will quickly forget from where you came as I shroud you with my charms and drench you with passion.

The afterglow of our encounter will be just as sweet as the spiraling anticipation that draws us together. When I know that we are suited for each other, magic will spark intrigue that will flow so effortlessly you will find it difficult to depart. That is because I am an enchanting paramour, a gentleman’s ardent treasure who will set your heart ablaze.

If you like to relax in the morning I start work at 7am every day.

If you have any more questions or queries Please call / E-mail our sweet manager “Ellen” and she will further assist you. (PT)

(+351) 913462904 ( Ellen )